The intent of wildlife enhancement programs is to help to rebuild areas of rich biodiversity, allowing natural habitats that have been affected by human activity to restore themselves at their own pace, bringing back from endangerment, or from the brink of extinction, as many species as possible.

In addition to rebuilding ecosystems, programs like wildlife enhancement Toronto, for example, seek to provide means by which the public can view these areas in a passive, and non-intrusive manner, preventing any negative impact to the area. The purpose of goals like this is to raise awareness of the scale of the issue, highlighting the number of local environments that currently exist, or have existed under threat of destruction.

The figures

Wildlife EnhancementOn average, between 0.01, and 0.1 percent of the species currently on our planet, go extinct. This number, sounding very small when stated in that way, actually means that there are approximately now between 200, and 2000 fewer species of animal than there were at this time last year. A shocking number, don’t you think?

In fairness, you might say, some species will go extinct without any human cause. And, you’d be correct. If we look at the number of species that have gone extinct per year, before human impact, we find that the rate was less than one species per million.

In order to try and prevent further human caused extinctions, say a global panel, the amount of money spent globally on conservation projects would have to be ten times more than what it is now, to $4.76 billion, with a further $76.1 billion to establish and manage further protected areas.

Aqua Links

Wildlife EnhancementOne of the Toronto initiatives, this program focuses on students, attempting to educate them to the delicate balance that exists within aquatic ecosystems, in this case Lake Victoria, the dependence of the wildlife therein on the maintenance of that balance, and the danger that exists due to the impacts of local infrastructure.

Other of the Toronto initiatives include;

  • Establishing their zoo as a leader in nature and species conservation, with a focus on animals and ecosystems within Canada.
  • To support and maintain a high level of biodiversity
  • To create and put into place a plan to increase the number of educational programs held by the initiative.
  • Supporting wildlife species by creating a greater number of breeding programs.

With regard to wildlife and nature conservation the fact is that, at the moment, everyone involved is fighting a losing battle. This is by no means a reason to stop trying, and is instead used by initiatives and charities as a call for support, and as a reason to double down their efforts, and work harder to have a greater positive impact on the natural world. There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful, and there are plenty of ways initiatives like the Toronto wildlife enhancement program can use our help.

A quote displayed by the Toronto zoo states that “To tend the earth is our entrusted duty, for earth is ours to use not abuse.”